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Welcome to TD Hotels in Mozambique

Welcome to Mozambique, a country full of diversity, rhythms and a scenery of an incredible nature environment. Mozambique is characterized by its happy and full of live people and by its entrepreneurial mindset in areas like agro-industry, agriculture, fishery and mining.

The business opportunities major centre is located in Maputo and Beira, cities that are the top destinations for most of the business travellers.

Explore Mozambique and fell in love with Africa

Mozambique presents its tourists with 2800 kilometres of extension, bathed by the Indian Ocean. It has undiscovered crystal clear beaches with fine white sand and an exceptional quality underwater wealth.

On the cultural area, beyond the rich historical heritage, Mozambique is established as a cultural centre with international remarkable interventions in the architecture, painting, music, literature and poetry field. It is worth to know and fell in love with this country.

TD Hotels in Mozambique hotel chain is the choice for a quality hotel in Maputo or Beira for business travellers and has conquered a privileged position in the two most recognized cities in the country due to its 3 well-known hotels.


There are a number of trips that you are bound to enjoy in and around Mozambique. In addition to cultural tours and visits, be sure to sample the local cuisine and take part in some events during your stay.







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