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Sines, Alentejo near Hotel Apartment Sinerama

By choosing an accommodation in Sines you will enjoy one of the most beautiful coasts of the world, the Vicentine Coast. In only 1 travelling hour, you will be able to behold the splendour of a wild beach coastline. Plains unfold along the Tagus as far as the eye can see. While the north of Portugal is green and luxuriant, further south the landscape combines with a slower pace under the hot sun. This is Alentejo.

If you love or look for stunning natural landscapes and a preserved and wild nature, the Alentejo cost will dazzle you. The Hotel Apartment Sinerama in Sines, will offer you the most amazing historical heritage, adding to it an outstanding landscaped view.

Sines is one of the most important cities of the Alentejo coast and is also an industrial port and a cable from the sea, making it a natural starting point for those visiting the area stop. It is a region of museums, monuments, historical towns, villages and unforgettable gardens. It also welcomes you to visit its swimming pools and river beaches.

Appreciate your accommodation in Sines, and explore the region:

  • Centro histórico de Sines
  • Castelo de Sines
  • Forte do Pessegueiro
  • Porto Covo
  • Praias Evasão
  • Praia dos Aivados

Apart from the cultural and leisure reasons to visit Sines, do not forget its gastronomy: this food region is famous for its fish and shellfish, alongside its memorable pastry like “Areias de Sines” and “Vasquinhos”.
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