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With 4 hotels in the heart of Luanda, TD Hotels invites you to discover Luanda, Angola’s capital and largest city. With its own inimitable charm, Luanda has reinvented itself over time, affirming its position as one of most important business capitals on the African continent.

It is the perfect host for the most wide-ranging of international corporate events, only possible thanks to the business opportunities and the hospitality with which the city receives all its guests.

Amidst the harmonious fusion of buildings and palm trees lining the Bay, Luanda invites one to discover this exuberant and welcoming location, with the promise that it will be an unforgettable journey.


  • Angola Luanda Hotel Alvalade Bar Lobby Piano

    Hotel Alvalade

    Located next to the airport, the Hotel Alvalade welcomes you for an unrivalled experience. Enjoy your best business trip in an atmosphere that allies classic style to the colourful strokes inspired in the essence of Luanda. We have an attentive team dedicated to the art of receiving our customers to make you feel like the guest of honour.

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  • Hotel Baía

    With a stunning view over Luanda Bay, the Hotel Baía pays tribute to one of the most charismatic business areas of the capital, bursting with colour and life. We open the doors to an eclectic and singular environment, where the facilities for your business stay and well-earned moments of relaxation complement one another in perfect harmony.

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    Angola Luanda Hotel Baia Bar Lobby
  • Angola Luanda Hotel Tropico Lobby 1

    Hotel Trópico

    Located in the heart of the city of Luanda, the Hotel Trópico puts comfort at the forefront of your stay. Immerse yourself in an environment inspired by the hot tones of Angola allied to a contemporary and cosmopolitan design, where you will find the best amenities and a charming team at your service, alert to every detail.

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